Data Recovery Service

Has your hard drive crashed? Unable to access data on your disk? Strange noises emanating from your hard drive? Data Recovery let's us retrieve deleted or inaccessible data from failed computer hard drives.

35% of computer user's experience unexpected data loss which occurs due to hardware failure, software problems, viruses, power related issues, flood/water damage, fire/heat/smoke damage, vandalism and sabotage.

We have performed hundreds of recoveries over the years, pulling back your data from personal photo's and movies to invaluable corporate databases. We can recover Windows (FAT/32/NTFS) file systems.

We will perform a hard drive diagnosis (2-3 days) to determine what we can recover. Diagnosis is free with any recovery (or only $95 if no recovery is done).

Urgent priority (24 hour or less) diagnosis is available.

We have 2 levels of recovery. Our Level One recovery is based on the amount of data to be recovered and includes a backup service to CD or DVD's.

Level Two (clean room) is more difficult and is based on the estimated hours of repair work. Level two can include replacing hardware parts in a dust-free, static-free environment. You will be contacted with an estimate after your diagnosis is complete.